Alan Davis Beach – Oahu, Hawaii

Alan Davis on Oahu is a perfect beach to bring friends, relax, to jump off small rocks, and to go snorkeling. The small cove at the end of the beach provides an abundance of fish and other marine life and calm safe waters for beginners to swim & snorkel. Huge waves break right on the outer banks of the rock piles so you can really feel the energy of the ocean. It’s all in the backdrop of Kokohead Crater and the Kaiwi Shoreline. I recommend going here, if you have half a day you want to spend in the sun.

Snorkeling at Alan Davis Beach.


Alan Davis is a secret, hidden beach on the eastern shore of Oahu that many people pass or don’t know exist. To get here, you will park at the same parking lot as the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail, but directly after the entry signs at the start of the hike, you’ll go down the dirt path to the right. It’s part of the Kaiwi Shoreline Trail as shown on the map below. The distance is about two miles roundtrip, but it’s an easy walk, only taking 15 minutes or less one-way. You’ll reach a white beach, which is a nice place to set up, but if you continue farther on the left hand side of the bay till the edge of the shore, you’ll find the classic Alan Davis hang out spot. 

The best time to go is in the morning fairly early before it gets too hot. In addition, it’s not too seasonal. The beach is fairly calm all year round. There’s a one mile walk out in the open where the sun will be blazing, so it’s best to go before the midday heat or go during the winter months. Also as a note, the colors of the water are best as the sun rises from the eastern direction. Anytime before 10am is perfect. Lastly, the late afternoon also provides some good swimming, but be careful about staying too long and getting your car locked in the park. 

The park hours are:

 7am to 7:45pm from April 1st till Labor Day (Summer)

7am to 6:45pm from Labor Day till March 1st (Winter)

Here’s the website for the Kaiwi Scenic Shoreline State Park.

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 Here are a few snorkeling photos from the first few minutes in the water! I mean literally, you just jump off from one of the rocks with your mask (fins optional) and you’ll be swimming with tons of tropical reef fish. I followed this Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – Hawaii’s state fish species – for a few minutes while it dodged in and out of the moving water and small rock caves below. Then there were lots of manini (black and white striped fish) and a few large tangs patrolling the reef. 

If you didn’t bring snorkeling gear, then you can always just jump off the rocks and do flips or cannonballs. The majority of locals will be doing this. Otherwise enjoy the beautiful scenery and have fun out there!

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