Best Intermediate Hikes on Oahu, Hawaii

An intermediate hike on Oahu takes about 4-5 hours roundtrip, may have a few rope & rock sections to cross, but is never too difficult for a person who doesn’t have the technical expertise to climb a mountain. Here you’ll get more and more impressive views of the island, compared to the easy hikes on Oahu. They are challenging, yet rewarding. Depending on your level of hiking experience, you could consider leaving a backpack behind, in favor of a faster hike. 

Below is a list of the best intermediate hikes on Oahu. 

Crouching Lion Trail:

The Crouching Lion Hike on the eastside of Oahu is probably the best hike on the island. Nowhere else on the island, will you be at such a good overlook after a short 20-30 minute climb. On the high point of the ridge, you can see majestic views of Kahana Bay and the windward side of the island. The colors pop out, and have a vibrancy of their own. You’ll likely consider this one of the highlights of your trip.

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Koko Head Stairs:

Read every article on the internet about Koko Head Stairs and it will read “Brutal, but worth it.” That’s also how I would describe the 1,048 stairs too, but how else will you work off all those spam musubis, plate lunches, and shave ice from the days before? Koko Head is a struggle – a short 20-25 minute climb that seems to never end, but the payoff is that you get the best workout you can get on the island, and a gorgeous view of the east side of the island. 

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Mt. Olympus:

Mount Olympus is a four to five hour round trip hike above the Manoa Valley with many scenic viewpoints along the way. On this trail, you can climb a few trees and make your way to the top of the Ko’olau Mountains. I’d say it’s worth going even if the mountains are cloudy at the top. There’s a chance that it might clear, and you’ll see the windward side of the island when that happens.

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Kuliouou Ridge Hike:

Kuliouou Ridge Hike is only a 20 minute drive from Waikiki and goes through so many types of forest. It’s one of the best – easier hikes on the island. The summit is usually clear, and you’ll be treated to a view of east side of the island. It stands out as a clear winner in terms of effort to reward ratio. There’s a trail that continues even after the summit to the right and left of the ridge that you can explore, if the summit is too crowded.

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