Kokohead Stairs at Sunrise, Oahu, Hawaii

Waking up early to do Kokohead Stairs at sunrise is a must do on Oahu. Many people make the journey everyday to see how far they can push themselves. It’s definitely a good workout. If you make it to the top, you’ll be proud of what you accomplished so early in the day, leaving you ready to enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Arriving before sunrise, you’ll have to park outside of the park gates. The Koko head trail is easy to find afterwards. You will walk through the park entrance and walk along the road till you pass two parking lots. The lower parking lot has a bathroom next to it on the left, and the upper one has a path at the top left corner. Just walk this concrete path till you see a dirt path to the right and follow that road to the beginning. Otherwise follow the rest of the other hikers early in the morning, if you need directions.

To comfortably arrive before sunrise, I suggest arriving to the park and leaving your car at one hour before sunrise. You’ll need this time to walk to the trailhead, walk up the stairs, and catch your breath at the top. An hour before sunrise on most days will be bright enough to not use a flashlight, however it might be useful for the earlier moments of the hike. Here’s some of the photos from the day – my friends Jack and Kristine joined me early this morning.

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