The Mt. Olympus Hike on Oahu Hawaii

Above the misty valley of Manoa, we climbed up the Wa’ahila Ridge Trail, more commonly known as Mt. Olympus.

It’s a short four hour round-trip hike, easy to find, with rewarding views. This was the scene an hour into the hike.

Then, with the clouds rolling by and a slight rain passing in and out, we saw rainbows in the valleys and mist rising.

Thirty minutes after our first stop, we were high above the city. A slight rain cloud passed by, but then the sun came out afterwards.

By this point, it was time to climb back down. We went to the first viewing area and climbed the famous Mt. Olympus Ohia Tree.

It doesn’t look like it, but below this tree is a hundred foot cliff. You have to put a lot of trust in this tree.

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