Easy Pu’u Pia Hike – Manoa Valley

A short 1.9 mile hike leads to a view of the Manoa Valley and offers glimpses of town.

As soon as you enter the jungle, you’ll be immersed within the high topped canopy of this Hawaii forest. The vines grow on the trees just like you would imagine out of a movie scene. It’s hot, humid, but surprisingly pleasant inside this biosphere.

You’ll reach a fork in the road, and you’ll want to take a left.

It leads to the Pu’u Pia trail, which could best be described as a deeply rooted path.

Just don’t step on the tops of the roots as they are extremely slippery. It’s best to put your foot just a few inches in front of the root if possible. 

The hike involves a slow climb upwards and no part requires any ropes. 

It’s about 30 minutes to the top.

And you’ll get treated to a view of the Manoa Valley.

Trail Information:

Time: 1.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 721 ft

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Description: Gradual muddy trail leading to sweeping views of Manoa Valley.


The Pu’u Pia trail is located at the end of Alani Dr, however, you don’t want to part at the end of Alani. Instead, stay on Woodlawn or where the bus stops on Alani Dr – just downhill of the entrance. This is the proper parking area, so you’ll not get a ticket.

Also, this hike is easily accesible by bus. The number 6 Pauoa Valley bus goes almost to the start of the trail.  

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