Sandies Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sandies Beach is one of the best places to score waves on the island, but it’s definitely not for the first timer or anyone new. Waves come crashing down right onto dry sand and might pull you over into the whitewash. If you’re not careful, you’ll get injured or the rip current might start to pull you out. It’s best to watch from shore, although if on the rare occasion that there aren’t waves, then you can go swimming. But the best part of sandies is the beach. It’s a true local hangout spot with everyone either catching the waves, or cruising – drinking beer near their truck. You’ll want to keep it simple with just a towel and no extras. Just watch and cheer as people get some of the best rides on the island, or some of the worst wipeouts.  


Sandies is located on the south east side of Oahu between Hanauma Bay and Makapu’u. Known for its dangerous, but thrilling shorebreak, you can usually expect at least a few waves if everything else is flat around the island. 

Even better is when your friends are good at bodyboarding or surfing (it’s also good if they aren’t) because then you can watch in the meantime as they score some waves – like this photo of my friend Shane below – or as they get wiped out. 

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