Surfing the North Shore Sandbar

On one of those calm and windless days, my friend Shane and I went out to the seasonal Ehukai shorebreak to catch waves and take photos. The nice part about these days is that usually I am behind the camera, but with my friend Shane, who is a pro, I can drop the camera and stay in front of his. And that just means catching as many waves as I can. 

The real beautiful part of the sandbar that only happens a few times of the year during winter, is that there is a small wave-made wading pool on the inside. Perfect for keeping your beers cold while you take a surf.

While I can’t say I’m any good at surfing, I think Shane did a good job of making it seem like an epic time. Stay tuned for the drone video to come.

If you liked any of the photos and want to get your own, just message Shane on Instagram and mention that you saw the Ehukai Sandbar Pics and would like a session of your own. Discuss with him the details of your project and see if it can get in the works. 

Photographer Info: @Shangerdanger

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