Semporna Island Hopping – Malaysian Borneo

A short and quick post, but after visiting Borneo in cities such as Kota KinabaluSepilok, and Kuching, you can go on a full day boat tour of the islands off of the Malaysian Borneo coast. These islands look exactly like the photos below. For those interested in diving, I highly recommend going to Mabul


The best point on this full day boat tour is on the island of Bohey Dulang, where you climb for 30 minutes to reach the top of the island and you get a tremendous view of the coral reefs and islands from above. WB Tours – the boat operator – leaves from the docks of Semporna and heads to these islands as a stop during the middle of the day. Book a tour through them and you’ll have a great time. 

On the tour you’ll stop at a sea gypsy water village, then go over to Bohey Dulang, then dive a coral reef, and then go onto sandbar island and dive once more before the day ends. 

For anyone interested in diving, Scuba Junkie is a good company to charter through, otherwise go to Scuba Jeff for a lowkey scuba diving setup on the island of Mabul.

Also, see my post about a 3-day, 2-night Kinabatangan River Cruise to see lots of Borneo’s Wildlife – such as wild orangutans, proboscis monkeys, macaques, crocodiles, and birds!

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