Northern Lights Timelapse on Fjellheisen Mountain

Timelapse on the Fjellheisen Mountain:

After climbing Tromsø’s most famous mountain and seeing the great city views, I stayed up at the mountain lodge cafe and waited five more hours to see the northern lights. During the long wait, I watched a few movies, edited some photos, and got ready to see my last northern lights of the decade. I was hoping the sky would clear enough and that the energy would be enough for a good show. 

Luckily, it turned out to be the case. This night I saw and captured some of the best northern lights I’ve seen. This one was actually dancing and moving across the sky for just a short 30 minutes. The video shows two segments of the same show. The middle part was cut out due to a short slow period where there was no action to be seen. 30 minutes of lights condensed into 7 seconds of light show later and we have this timelapse.

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