Osmeña Peak, Cebu – Philippines

Osmeña Peak on the island of Cebu is a short, but rewarding hike that is located an hour and a half away from Moalboal (famous for Kawasan Falls), or a 30 drive from Dalaguete (a stop-over city close to Oslob Whale Sharks). Here you’ll see views of the rugged, but round hill tops that Osmena Peak is known for, and you can also enjoy the views down to the Philippines sea. 


Osmeña Peak is right in the middle of the island of Cebu. You can get there by renting a scooter and driving yourself, or by hiring a tuk-tuk driver to take you up. As a recommendation, bring a pair of earplugs to cancel out the sound of the motorcycle. It can be a long ride on a slow and loud machine, if your driver doesn’t have the best equipment. If you get a group of three or four people it should be 700 pesos to get there. Perhaps more or less if you bargain well. 

The hike itself is no more than 10 minutes and quite easy, so that made for a happy view at the end. It’s worth bringing up a few snacks, like the pasteries at the Julie’s Bakery shops all around the areas (try Dalaguete). Otherwise, you could head to an open market and find a few fruits to share. We recommend saving about three hours total for the round-trip drive, hike, and a few photos at the top.

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