Exploring Seoul, South Korea – Extra Photos

Here are some of the extra photos that I took while exploring Seoul after my SMILE LASIK surgery. These were taken on the last week of April and the weather then was perfect. One thing is that you can visit the cherry blossoms in the earlier part of April or end of March depending on the season. It will be colder and less inviting to be outside. I was lucky and was able to be out from the morning to evening without any jacket. I really enjoyed my time in Korea. There was so much to see and so much that wasn’t captured on the camera. I hope to be back soon.

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed.


Seoul is the main city in Korea and it’s easily navigable by bus, train, metro, taxi or walking. You’ll fly into ICN airport and then can stay in different areas of the city in order to get a different experience. I was both in Gangnam for the eye surgery and then in another part more west. They were completely different, but most of my time was spent above the river in the main tourist and palace area. If you have a favorite area in Seoul, then leave a comment below!

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