Most Amazing Sunset in Taiwan

In Taiwan, on my second day there, I witnessed the most amazing sunset of the South East Asia trip. It was on the popular Elephant Mountain Hike. And while the afternoon was uneventful, the few minutes of sunset were particularly intense. 


Elephant Mountain is located at the end of the red line in Taipei’s metro system at the station called Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain in Chinese). Take exit #2. From there, there are many signs directing you to the trailhead – about a 10 minute walk. You’ll follow the park till the end till it reaches Nola Kitchen, then head up the hilly road. After making a right turn, you’ll be at the start. Then it’s 15 minutes to the top – either the famous rocks, the second lookout, or final third lookout. I was at lookout #2, since I believe this is the best view and least crowd.

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