The Elevated Moments

The Elevated Moments:

This is a collection of the best moments of my life – ones I regard as the elevated moments. Moments that define you. Moments that shape you. Moments that live in your memory forever.

#1 :

Exploring Petra, Jordan.

#2 :

Swimming with Wild Dolphins.

#3 :

Climbing to the top of a volcano & making photo dreams come true.

#3 :

Visits to the Na Pali Coast

#5 :

Hikes in Washington State

#6 :

Kayaking the Na Pali Coast & Camping in Kalalau Valley

#7 :

Seeing the Great Pyramids

#8 :

Traveling through South East Asia

#9 :

A Trip to Sweden and Norway

#10 :

Spotting Wildlife in Borneo.