Amazing White Sand Beach in Lanikai – Honolulu, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is one of the top rated beaches in the world and for good reason. The turquoise waters, a consistent north-easterly breeze, and fine grains of sand make the beach feel like heaven – matching its Hawaiian definition – Lani (Beautiful) and Kai (Ocean) – translated as Heavenly Sea.

Set a mile outside the shallow waters, are the two Mokulua islands. They are iconic for their shape and make your photos instantly recognizable. You can kayak to them by renting boats in Kailua.

The rest of the beach spreads endlessly, but be aware that there is no shade here. Only until the late afternoon, will shadows appear from the few coconut trees that line the beach. 


Lanikai Beach is located at the end of Kailua in a small neighborhood. There’s limited parking available, so if you don’t want to drive endlessly in circles, you can always park at Kailua Beach Park and walk over the hill. It’s about 10 minutes extra, but you won’t be stuck in traffic. 

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