Photos from Northern Norway – Finnmark Region

These are some of the images from living in Finnmark – Northern Norway. In Winter, we experience two months of no sun above the horizon and in the summer we get back two months of sun that never sets. But during these times, you get to experience hours-long sunrises and sunsets. The sky turns orange and pink and the weather shifts and moves so intensely. A land so flat and desolate that is considered part of the tundra, somehow breaths life into you and it’s a meeting point for all forms of energy to exist. Everything relates to the fjord, and it’s both a life-taker and a life-giver. You can sometimes hear the northern lights as they dance across the sky. 

The contrast of the light and the dark and all the shades in between that makes this a truly special place. 


Finnmark is the northern most region of Norway and expands all the way to the Russian border in Siberia. The land becomes much more flat compared to the western side of Norway, but here there’s Reindeer roaming freely and all types of fishing and birds that gather in this area. 

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