Rovaniemi, Finland & Santa Claus Village

Merry Christmas from Santa’s Village! Located just a few kilometers outside of Rovaniemi and right on the Artic Circle, it’s a place full of fun things to see & experience and to get that Christmas feeling once more. 

We had driven from the north or Norway about eight hours down to Rovaniemi, Finland. Much of this was on fairly straightforward highways, with the same to see, except for the occasional wild reindeer. But even without much out of the window, you can start to feel the pristine landscape & feel the untouched nature that Finland brings.

Our first stop was straight to Santa’s Village, where you can go on Husky Safari’s and see  Snowman World. We decided to enjoy the reindeer sledding that’s right at the center of the park. 

In the north of Norway, we see many reindeer. You’ll see them right at the edge of town, and sometimes they will walk through traffic. But we almost never see a decorated reindeer like the ones here. Many of them still have their antlers, while in the wild, the males tend to lose their horns after fighting in the fall. There’s something special about seeing these animals up close.

Our friends Lisa & Sondre were enjoying the sleighride.

You really begin to feel the Christmas magic once you walk around the park. 

One fun item is that you cross through the article circle line on the trip. This is the line on the earth where the sun doesn’t come up above the horizon during winter, nor does it set for at least one day in the summer. 

After going on the trail, you can get some nice Christmas card photos.

Recommended Tips:

The rest of the Santa’s Village is fairly busy during the middle of the day, so go before the tour buses arrive. Everything is a short walk within the village so you can explore it all within a few hours. If you do want to eat, then I’d recommend booking ahead to secure a spot, even within Rovaniemi. Be sure to bring warm clothes!


Santa’s Village is located a few kilometers outside of Rovaneimi. Best reached by car, but you can also catch the bus from the main city as well.

In this case, we booked something on, but there’s lots of good hotel options there.

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