Taj Mahal – Secret Hidden Sunset Spot

Just ten minutes walking outside the city of Agra, you’ll step into a completely different world and likely see one of the best sunset spots you’ll ever go to in your life. You’ll see the Taj Mahal with the river in the background and the sun all in your view. I can honestly say that this view was better in real life than I had imagined it would be. You’ll have to see it in person to believe.

When we arrived in Agra from the afternoon 2pm train (arrival at 4pm) from Delhi to Agra, we knew we wanted to see sunset and then go early the next day for sunrise. So we looked up best sunset spot Taj Mahal and found a few websites about where to go. Here’s the link to one of them. It’s detailed and can show you step by step to get there, although your phone’s GPS works. It takes about an hour from the train station and around 200 rupees Tuk-Tuk (Check Uber) to get to the main city center of Agra, so that leaves you with enough time to drop your bags and hit the road for a good sunset view.

We left the town about an hour before sunset and were treated to these stunning views and some interesting interactions from the local kids.

As India is a land of contrasts – like between the rich and the poor, the peace/tranquility compared to the noise of the city – you’ll see the stark difference immediately with this viewpoint. The river Yamuna flowing behind the palace is extremely polluted and there’s trash everywhere. On the other end is the Taj Mahal and it’s beauty. It’s the same for the city, as we would later find out. We just didn’t know, and no guide book will tell you that.

But apart from the not so good, here’s some of the other things we observed. Like the skies filling with all the flying birds just suddenly. Their wings and the sound also overwhelming. 

And then just a few minutes later when they all land, a calmness in the air. 

We were the only tourists on this day at this spot. We could see all the other visitors either at the main walking sunset tour spot closer to the Taj, or across the Yamuna river with the view point with a straight on view.

It was surreal.

A last note on the place, but our initial hope was that we would have a calm and peaceful sunset – almost romantic viewpoint – but that wasn’t the case for us, or it wasn’t mean to be. Some of the local kids became our tour guide and we were happy to be part of their afternoon fun playing in the outside part of Agra. 

So that was our afternoon sunset at Taj Mahal. Stunning and surreal as it gets. Below is the link to the where this viewpoint is.


The building is called Agha Khan Haveli on Google Maps or Taj Mahal Viewpoint. When you’re in town on the main East Exit pathway, you’ll see many of the tourist walking tours continuing straight down the road that follows the Taj Mahal walls. You’ll want to take the first right that is at 45 degrees to the right. There is a police station at that corner of the 45 degree location. Then you follow the road for some time, going over a bridge over a polluted river and then there’s a small dirt path going left. 

Either way, your phone with GPS and offline maps will lead you here relatively precisely. It’s not hard to miss except for the last left turn onto a small dirt path. What may end up happening is that you’ll see some local kids that will want to help you find it and will likely walk down with you as part of their playing and adventure. We gave a few rupees to them afterwards as a treat. 


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