Keiki Shorebreak, North Shore, Oahu

An epic morning of bodyboarding and taking photos of waves at the famed Keiki Beach. 

It’s north shore season here on Oahu, and that means big surf, and heavy wipeouts. Some of the best can be seen here at Ke Iki beach, just down the road from Pipeline. 

These waves might look harmless, but they can pack some power. Luckily it is on top of a huge sandbar that provides a soft landing for when you take a ride over the falls.

The waves look small from the beach, but once you’re in the water, they seem to double in size. Duck diving under these monsters is all about trying to go as deep as possible and to not get caught in the whitewash.

But once you get past the tricky part, or have timed it right, then you’ll sail right over the next few till you make it out.

In less than a minute, you’re far from the beach. You know you’ve made it.

Or not.

But then it’s wave catching time and it’s game on.

Here’s my friend Shane (@shangerdanger) catching some heavies during the day. 

We must have spent two hours going in and out of the water, catching waves, and resting on the beach, but this is the best sequence I caught this day. Just a perfect west bowl wave, that threw out in the perfect position.

And after that wave, it was a wrap to the day.

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