Lulumahu Falls in Honolulu, Oahu

Situated at the end of Old Pali Road, in Nu’uanu, Lulumahu Falls is one of the more scenic waterfalls that can be easily accessed from Honolulu. Cold mountain water from the tops of the Ko’olau Mountains, falls 50 feet below into a shallow-swimmable pool. It’s a hidden gem that will take you through bamboo forests, guava forests, and beautiful little streams. 


To do the trail, you’ll want to park at the intersection and cross through a metal fence. This will lead you down a dirt road for a while till you see a definite trail into the forest. There will be a few early on, that head towards the left into a bamboo forest, but you don’t want to go through the bamboo forest. Just wait till your going slightly downhill and you’ll see a large way into the forest on the left.

What to bring?

You’ll want to bring water and a good pair of hiking shoes. You’ll also want to stay close to the stream as this is the easiest way to find the end of the waterfall. In your car, leave a pair of flip flops as your shoes might be fairly muddy by the end of the hike. And with that, enjoy the waterfall!

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