Jaipur – A Last Day in Rajasthan

Jaipur was our last full day stop on a two week tour of India – specifically Rajasthan. Being that we had already travelled so much and seen so much, this city was not as exciting as it might have been if we were seeing it with fresh eyes. 

In fact, we were a little tired of palaces and forted-out. We skipped on any paid tourist entrance this day and took the views from outside. 

Even the city palace seemed too much and we were surprised by the high entrance fee. Perhaps we missed on something interesting, but I don’t think we would have retained any good info. 

Much more exciting than buildings was the people watching. Dahl Makhani being made on the left and then some sort of orange sugar goop that is fried and turned into a dessert on the right. 

Both were some interesting foods.

Our final stop – other than some last minute shopping – was to the Albert Hall Museum, which we explored from the outside. This was a perfect place to meet our friend Daan from earlier in the trip on our first days in Delhi

We sat, relaxed, and caught up on our different travels in India. And were happy that we all made it out unscathed for the most part. 

Good luck on the rest of your journey Daan!

And that was it for this day in Jaipur. While it was an okay stop, I would likely say that this city could be skipped, or if you decided to take a tour, perhaps you’d find more interesting things. We were then off to a flight to Colombo with a short, but long enough layover in Chennai. 


Jaipur is only a 4 hour train ride from Delhi and is an okay city to fly out of to your next destination. If you already landed in Delhi, and don’t have time or plans to go back, this might be your best bet for cheap and reliable flights. One note: don’t fly Spicejet anywhere in India. 

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