Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a short post, but the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur (KL) were completely disappointing to me. It was super touristy, there was no history attached, and although it looks very nice to the photo lens, it has nothing much to offer. However, don’t let my dissatisfaction dissuade you to not go. For some people, it might be a highlight of their trip to Malaysia. If you’ve never seen wild monkeys, then you’re in for a treat. There might even be a dog running around. Certain people might find the specific hinduism designs intriguing. 


The Batu Caves are located about 40 minutes outside the city proper of Kuala Lumpur, which makes it a half-day’s journey to visit this temple. You can easily get the directions from Google Maps for the fastest route from your location. The train ride is comfortable, but may be busy enough to not get a seat. You’ll want to dress appropriately for this cave, as it is a place of worship. On the plus side, it’s a free entrance to the temple.

My highlight was watching the monkeys running around. Mostly when they were messing with the tourists. They keep to themselves and pace the edges of the stairs as if they own the place, but then once in a while, they will lunge to grab some unsuspecting person’s bag, stealing the food or treats inside. It’s comical as long as it isn’t you that’s being taken advantage of. 

The stairs had nice colors too, so it makes this place very photogenic.

The random dog was also a treat.

But if you want a real Malaysian experience, then stick to the city and try all the different foods. Or stretch out your travel plans and venture off to Borneo, which is also part of Malaysia.

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