Exploring Old Bagan, Myanmar

With the thousands of temples strewn across the flat desert floor, Bagan, Myanmar takes you a step back into time and you can feel the energy of thousands of years of history built into a single place. Among the highlights are waking up for sunrise to see the hot air balloons fly over the many different temples and driving around aimlessly in wonder along the web of interconnected dirt roads. There is no one single temple to visit, you just have to see them all for yourself. 

I mean it was a sight to see. The hot air balloons slowly rising as the sun came upwards. We found a small hill to view the temples and balloons together.

As far as the eye can see – temples and outlines of temples in the dusty valley floor.

After the sun rose, it was back to driving around on the electric scooter while the temperature of the day was still down. 

We decided to go to the main golden pagoda in town. 

On the drive back, there are so many temple complexes. This was a group of temples that we had passed on the early morning drive when it was still dark. 

And later in the day we went to many other temples. I’ll keep them posted away in this other page, so that you can choose to not look and discover some temples on your own when you visit Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar was one of my favorite places I’ve visited and Julie would agree too. Walking around, among all these beautiful, perfectly preserved temples, can take days, if not longer to see them all. Most can be seen from the outside, but many can be explored on the inside. It’s a sight to see.

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