The Circular Train – Yangon, Myanmar

On a free travel day in Yangon, you can catch the circular train around the city. You’ll be surrounded by the locals, on a old train car that makes time feel like it has slowed down. This experience of riding the old train is like no other. The sound of the creaky train cars press on as you slowly make your way around the city. All the while, you’re surrounded by the local Myanmar people, with vendors walking through the cabin selling interesting bites to eat. The are sacks of rice piled atop each other, and buckets of different vegetables to be sold at the market. Perhaps you’ll have a couple chickens riding along too. You’ll experience excitement and boredom at times, the oppressive heat and a cool refreshing breeze, laughter and smiles and just a tinge of sadness sometimes. The train is more than just transportation and if you’re in Yangon with a half to full day to spare, you’ll not want to miss this trip.


There are various stops to ride on the circular train in Yangon. You can get on and off at any of them and ride in the other direction too. Since we stayed in the Chinatown area, we walked to the Lanmadaw Station. Pagoda Road and the Yangon Central Station are the next closest places to hop on board.

For 500 kyat, you can buy a ticket valid for the whole day. The train makes a full loop (although you can just hop off and ride the other way – as we did) and takes four hours total, making for a great half to full day trip.

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