Surfing & Being Part of Sri Lankan Family

Recently I had a week long surfing trip to Sri Lanka. This was a pure surfing trip where the mission was to surf everyday as much as possible and as a bonus to see whatever else I could. But it felt slightly lonely and I was unsure of how it would go because in the previous week and a half, I had stayed with Julie’s family the whole time and we had lots of company/ there was always something to do/someone to talk to. Here I would be venturing alone and it wouldn’t be the same. 

On the same note, things would also be going from pure luxury to almost extreme budget. On the other weeks we were eating at fancy restaurants and dressing up, or we would eat at home with nice meals. There was a swimming pool & you didn’t need to lift a finger to get anything. And now I was going back to the basics. The new guesthouse was only $8 a night, which included breakfast, a surf board costs $6 to rent and then going surfing is around $4 roundtrip to many good spots. I kind of like this type of travel better.

And things started off better than I expected and almost immediately everything worked out better than planned. I got to Surf Colonial Villa in Midigama in the late morning time and was greeted by Renuk and his family. Then I met Moses & Andrea, who were a Spanish surfing couple staying at the same place, who I would basically join for the whole week surfing and going around the towns. 

Sometimes things happen for a reason or it might just be luck, but this stay was one of my favorites (except for some crazy Israeli people). 

I picked up an almost brand new board from the rental surf shop. It was a 6’2″ performance fish board with 36L. This was a really good board for the type of Sri Lanka waves we had during the week. In the midday, I surfed Lazy Lefts and Lazy Rights. 

This was the second sunset, but the first sunset from that first day was incredible. So strong and so many reds. It got better as the sun set and was so vivid. Because I was in the water, I didn’t have my camera to shoot that one. 

One night we had dinner at Manori’s Kitchen, which was some of the best Sri Lankan food I’ve had. 

It’s tucked away from the main road and has a cozy feel to it. And plus the food presentation is amazing. 

There was Dahl, Jackfruit curry, Tuna Curry, Pumpkin, Fried Onion & Peanut, grilled onion, and rice. 

A favorite part of daily life was to hang around the family. Dinipa cut down a fresh coconut from their tree and then also helped open a coconut that I had bought on my own. It was funny because I was trying to crack it on the ground and she heard the sound from inside the house. She came out of the house with a machete and cracked open the coconut in two seconds. 

I caught the bus everywhere except for surfing, although you could rent a scooter for 1,200 a day. You just have to make sure you don’t drive in the evening time because that’s when the police tend to pull people over and expect bribes. 

Every day had some surf, although the later part of the trip was much smaller and less power. The main home break was Kabalana beach A-frame. This was the best wave in the area and provided for so much different variety but good walls. Also the inside right held really well on certain days. Also the break in front of Cactus (perhaps it’s called Insights), was also fun. But the main problem at Kabalana is some Israeli kook tried to fight me in the water. There’s something messed up mentally with those people. I could go on about it, but main problem is that they thing they own everything and think of themselves as superior – and that might cause similar, more global issues elsewhere (Palestine….cough cough ahem). 

But back to the good: Having a home at Surf Colonial with Renuk & his family was so enjoyable. They were always so generous and wanted to make sure that everything was okay. And every day was a new adventure. This was after I left, but one day there was a python in the yard. They just laughed and said, it’s okay, it’s only a python. Another day, I was walking along the street and was picked up by Renuk and his son and then the whole family went shopping in Welingama. There was always something going on like fixing the Tuk-Tuk or painting the house. Or we played Badminton at night when things cooled down. 

As a last farewell before I left, we had coordinated to have a goodbye dinner, which was also a partial early birthday dinner for Renuk and his wife. We searched Ahangama town for a cake and was able to find a nice one for a reasonable price. We also got reigniting candles as a good laugh. 

The dinner was so good and there was lots of good Sri Lankan food. We surprised them with the birthday cake and it was joyful. Thanks so much to Renuk & the family for a great stay. 


I stayed at Colonial Surfing Villa which is 600 meters from Midigama beach – and Midigama Beach has two surf spots – Lazy Lefts and Lazy Rights close by to try. There’s also a good few surf shops more east that you can easily find a rental board from – which should cost about 6 dollars a day. It’s only a 10 minute Tuk Tuk ride to many other great surfing breaks and the larger towns like Wellingama or Ahangama. If you do stay at Colonial Surfing Villa say hi to Renuk and say that Trenton recommended you there!

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