Kalalau Lookout at Sunset – Kauai, Hawaii

The silence of the valley, the breathtaking scenery in front of you, a soothing breeze moving the clouds above – these are the feelings and images you will see when you visit the Kalalau Lookout at sunset. Most of the tourist crowd will have left, going back to Poipu or Lihue to their nice hotels, but you waited long enough and discarded this false idea of comfort to wait till late. You’ll have the place to yourself with the wonder of nature right in front of your eyes.

Kalalau Lookout is almost at the end of the road up in Koke’e and surpases the views found at the lower lookouts and the one above (Pu’u O Kila). It’s a good place to stop after doing the Epic Honopu Ridge Trail in the afternoon, or the famed Awaawapuhi Trail. I don’t know of a place that inspires so much wonder for this planet. 


The Kalalau Lookout is right past the Honopu Ridge Trail. It is located at the top of the Koke’e State Park on the island of Kauai. Google maps doesn’t work at a certain point after leaving the small coastal town of Waimea, so you will be out of GPS service for 40 minutes as you make the drive. You can download the Maps.me app and see it offline while you are driving up, or wait till you see a white golf ball shaped building at the top of the mountain on the left. Then a fork in the road will turn left into the Kalalau Lookout parking lot, and the right fork will keep going up the mountain. Make sure to pay the $5 parking fee at any of the designated lookouts, if you are a visitor.

Here’s just a few photos I took after climbing the Honopu Ridge Trail after spending a week Kayaking the Na Pali Coast with some friends.  

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