Best Advanced Hikes on Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu has tons of advanced hikes and it’s up to you to decide if you want to try them. Some of the hikes, I’ve only heard stories about. While others I’ve actually been too and have either continued or stopped and turned around. Just like surfing in Hawaii, it can get pretty heavy out there, and you have to know your limits. The hikes below are the three best advanced hikes that you can easily go on. It doesn’t require any extra vehicles, camping (although that might be a good option), or technical abilities, but the duration is longer than the intermediate hikes, and you’ll actually want to be prepared for a full days worth of climbing on the mountains. Have fun, and be safe.

Olomana – Three Peaks Ridge Hike:

Some might call Olomana a breeze, and I might agree too that some parts are very easy. In fact, the first two peaks are not too strenuous. Only on the descent on a muddy day, can it be difficult. The gap between the second and third peak is where the intensity picks up, and it’s usually where fatalities happen, so you will have to take extra care if pursuing it to the end. Many rope sections and traversing the rock faces will put you right at the edge of the cliff, but it might be worth it to catch sunrise from at least one of the peaks. 

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Ka’au Crater Hike:

The Ka’au Crater Hike packs in so much adventure into one hike. Seeing three giant waterfalls, and climbing to the summit of the Ko’olaus makes this hike rank as one of the best on the island. The advanced part is on the climb on the third waterfall, where you will need to cross the flowing river, and on the climb up the ridge to the top. As an added difficulty, you can complete the hike as a loop (usually going counter-clockwise from the top), which follows the rim down to where it meets with the third, final waterfall.

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Stairway to Heaven:

I’m not one to promote the Stairway to Heaven as much as some other blogs, but it is one of the best advanced hikes on the island. Completely photogenic, and high up in the mountains, it’s an adventure to talk about whenever you bring up Hawaii in conversation. To do it the legal way, you’ll have to walk a long, flat valley before climbing up the saddle ridge to the summit and then climbing down to get to the stairs.

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