Amazing Train Ride to Bundi, India

Riding the train in India is such an adventure. From the minute you get to the station, to the last stop, you’ll see so much and experience such different highs and lows. This train ride from Chittorgarh to Bundi was the highlight of my two week trip to India. Here I saw the vast levels of humanity in India. There were people of all religions, all castes, and we were the lucky ones to be sitting on this wagon driving through the lands of Rajasthan.

I don’t even know what train class ticket we got, but it was the local, probably 3rd class. The windows have only bars on them and you can hang out the doors at each end of the carriage. No seats are reserved – just a first come first serve seating. And so like many things in India, there’s a vast multiverse of what can happen depending on what you choose and where you sit. One cabin might be the worst train ride you’ll have, and then another will be the best – most friendly and welcoming one.

We were lucky to meet Lokesh and his family who were traveling from Chittorgarh to Bundi back to where they live. And this was a good cabin to be in. One of the other trains we rode wasn’t so friendly and it was almost aggressive. I was not too happy with one of the people sitting across from me, and it took some patience to hold back.

The fun part is that you can get food on the train or snacks, so food is of no worry. We tried Chaat – a cold yogurt drink with masala flavor – and then also had some spicy chickpea meal, which I didn’t get the name, but it was served on some old newspaper with a newspaper spoon. And then we even met back up with Lokesh in Bundi, his home city. 

There’s not much more to be said about this train ride, but overall, looking out the window and seeing the world travel by is the best thing to do and enjoy.

A big thank you to Bundi and its people whom we met. 

Bundi Tips:

  1. Staying at one of the havelis near the lake is best to get a quiet stay away from some of the noise of the road.
  2. You don’t need to pay to visit the fort. You can just do the free part as mentioned above.
  3. The city is walkable downhill and then catching a Tuk-Tuk back to the top of the hill costs around 50 rupees or within anywhere in the city too.
  4. Visit Jitendra Hair Salon if you want a good and affordable hair cut. The owner Lokesh also has a brother who owns a Unisex hair salon just 200 meters away for women’s haircuts. 
  5. You can climb the hills on the other side of the fort for some good views.
  6. It should only cost 100 rupees to get from the train station to the main city center. 


Bundi is 2.5 hours away from Chittorgarh by either bus or train. You can catch a bus to train to Jaipur, which takes 4.5 hours.


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