Hidden Gem of Rajasthan India – Bundi

The glowing windows of Bundi’s fort light the hillside at night. It’s peaceful here. And it’s different than other parts of India. Here you can relax and stroll the streets and enjoy some moments of peace. Here you can wander around and be welcomed from everywhere. It was definitely one of the best places we’ve stayed on our trip through India. 

Bundi is a laid-back, relaxing town, about  4.5 hours by train from Jaipur. The main attraction is the fort, which rests at the top of the city, but it has so many other historical and off-beaten places to visit. We actually skipped on the main fort and palace visit. Here’s the secret pro tip: you can visit a free part of the palace by asking for Chitrashala. You can ask at the main fort entrance where there’s tickets to buy, but then you only have to leave your contact info and check in and out with the exact time. This allows you to view parts of the fort on the inside, and the Chitrashala garden is impressive on it’s own too.

The next best thing to do is visiting Ranji Ki Baori. Here you can buy a ticket to four places in the Bundi city all for 355 rupees. This is better than paying approximately 200 rupees per location. You can also visit the step-well in the photo to the right below for free (different than the four visit ticket mentioned above).

The size of this step-well is impressive, but because we were in the dry season, there wasn’t any water at the bottom. 

Next you can visit the 84-pillar temple. Try to count all the pillars and see if you get to the full number.

And then walking up and down the main street is fun and easy. You can grab a chai and view the temple as night falls.

Overall, Bundi is a great stopping point in between either Udaipur and Jaipur or in addition to the Chittorgarh Fort. More photos and info to come.

Bundi Tips:

  1. Staying at one of the havelis near the lake is best to get a quiet stay away from some of the noise of the road.
  2. You don’t need to pay to visit the fort. You can just do the free part as mentioned above.
  3. The city is walkable downhill and then catching a Tuk-Tuk back to the top of the hill costs around 50 rupees or within anywhere in the city too.
  4. Visit Jitendra Hair Salon if you want a good and affordable hair cut. The owner Lokesh also has a brother who owns a Unisex hair salon just 200 meters away for women’s haircuts. 
  5. You can climb the hills on the other side of the fort for some good views.
  6. It should only cost 100 rupees to get from the train station to the main city center. 


Bundi is 2.5 hours away from Chittorgarh by either bus or train. You can catch a bus to train to Jaipur, which takes 4.5 hours.


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