Seeing the Sun & Surfing the Arctic – Northern Norway

I wanted to share with you an extraordinary experience I recently had – surfing in Northern Norway. It’s a destination that’s not typically associated with surfing, but it’s truly a hidden gem. 

This was one of the first times venturing out after the new year 2024 and it was one of the first days with the sun fully rising above the horizon. In this area of Northern Norway, the sun can’t be seen for almost two months, but you do get to experience a full spectrum of colors in the sky instead.

The fjord always has energy, but sometimes that energy goes in different directions and can be chaotic. Today it was all moving in sync. From farther in the fjord, where it is more protected, you could see the wave potential that was coming through. These bands of energy come from far away lands and seas – finally reaching the shore. The result is that there’s almost never ending waves that come through for hours. With only the tide and the winds and the reflecting waves all changing it slowly – and sometimes abruptly.

This far north – it’s almost never with any people. The only ones in the water are either your friends or some birds or seals passing by. We might be the northern most surfers in the world today. 

Which makes catching one of these waves such an incredible experience. Knowing that you’re in just pure nature, far far away from the world and all it’s problems. 

In all directions you can see colors – like a never ending sunset. 

On this day the waves were just endless. From the number of waves coming through to the amount of distance you could ride them. This had to be one of the best days I’ve seen in the last few months. And this was likely my favorite photo and best wave from the day.  

What’s really incredible is the scenery. When you look back to shore, you’re surrounded by beautiful snow covered beaches and mountains in the far distance. It’s somehow safe and reassuring, yet still feels like huge danger and all your instincts are heightened.

We caught waves for as long as the light would allow us.

And with anything good, it must come to an end. After a certain point, it’s time to get back in before you get too cold. There’s still a short walk back to the car in the freezing air and you have to change out of the wetsuit before your fingers get to cold to work. 

Here you can see how the sun comes back above the mountain range and shines brighter than just a few minutes ago. 

The water and sky was so mesmerizing on this day. Constant waves coming through making it hard to stop. I had to take one more look before walking back to the car.

Here are my friends Kjersti and Carlos who are the most enthusiast surfers here in Finnmark. It was a special day for all of us, after a long dark winter and snowy few weeks. 

We took the drive back to town and watched as the sun set once more along the eastern mountains and as the snow rushed over the icy road ahead.


Finnmark is a land of extremes with vast tundra landscapes and harsh artic weather. It is the northern most region of Norway and expands all the way to the Russian border in Siberia. The winters are long and cold and for two months of the year, you’ll get the polar night, but in summer you’ll get the midnight sun that never sets. While it may seem barren and empty, it’s rich with wildlife during the spring and summer months. Plus it’s home to many indigenous Sami people, who’s culture shows in every aspect of life here. This is one of the most remote places in the world, so if you have the chance, you should try and visit. It can really change how you see life in many ways. And finally, if you’re interested in trying to surf here, then get in touch with Carlos at Finnmark Surf to help guide you. 

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