Galle & Southwest of Sri Lanka Guide

A few photos of the week long family trip that we took to Galle, Sri Lanka. We enjoyed the sun, the sights, a luxurious villa, and time together. 

One of the days, we took a day trip to Ella into the mountains of Sri Lanka. Here we saw the beautiful tea plantations up in the hills and escaped the lowland heat.

Another day was spent visiting the Yala National Park. We skipped on the Elephant Safari as we saw many in India. Here I saw this beautiful tree standing in the water. 

Visiting a tea plantation is a must. There’s so many different plants being grown and learning about the harvesting and hard work makes you appreciate the quality and taste.

Catching the crazy Sri Lankan buses (for only a short trip) is part of the adventure. You never know what you’ll get into. Some are blasting music the whole time and others are quiet and orderly. Hang on for dear life.

The Galle Fort Town is a nice area to walk around with lots of good restaurants and shops. It’s more upscale than the rest of Sri Lanka so go to it when you’re wanted to dress up and have a nicer night/day out.

While there’s still local stilt fisherman, this is mostly done for the purposes of photos. I think they still catch some fish there.

Another day we hiked in the Kanneliya National Forest Park. We saw monkeys, lots of monster sized insects and were covered in leeches on the deeper parts of the hike. Plus we saw the last giant tree of the forest that still stands. All the rest has been regrown only 20 years ago.

And then here’s a few other photos of some wild life and the locals. This was the biggest lizard we saw and the locals just stood there trying to push it away. 

And so that’s a wrap for Sri Lanka. What’s not pictured here are all the sunny, glassy mornings at the beach, or the late sunsets, or all the locals we met. Usually I leave a country with little or no cash left, but this time I found random bills in my pockets adding up to a large amount. Guess it’s a sign – and hope to be back soon.


Galle is a town in the southwest of Sri Lanka. It has a good amount of things to do. The beaches are nearby, there’s the old fort town, which has good restaurants and shopping. It’s also a good portal to get to other parts of the island. One note is that it is not the place to be for surfing. It’s 2.5 hours from the Colombo Aiport/City and only 30 minutes from some of the other surfing towns by either Tuk-Tuk, bus, or Taxi. 

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