Highlights from Rajasthan’s Blue City Jodhpur

Sitting beneath the Mehrangarh Fort on a rooftop at the top of the town, was one of the highlights of Jodhpur – also know as Rajasthan’s blue city. It’s far in the desert but not as deep as Jaisalmer, which is more like India’s Petra. Here we got the view of the Fort, the city, some temples far away the distance, and hearing the noise of the city along side the call to prayer a few times a day.

In this city, the artwork is stunning and the shops also have lots of good products to buy. But aside from that, it’s the fort that is truly impressive. 

We were lucky because in March, the temperature is just right. By April and May it is blistering hot. The scale of the fort is huge.

If you stay at Anne Guest House, you can walk through the back door up to the fort entrance, which is only a five minute walk. 

A lone camel was guided by its herder.

In the Blue City streets, you’ll see the artwork. 

And then if you’re lucky, then you’ll see something similar in real life.

Jodhpur – like any Indian city – is full of life and fun characters. Here’s a dog (that may need a diet) eating Chapati and then our favorite chai tea guy in the city. 

The main attractions have some musicians playing traditional instruments. So on top of the stunning architecture and history, you can see some amazing real life things.

Although there’s a bigger step-well in Bundi,  this one has flowing water that looks clean enough to swim in (if you’re a local). 

The artwork through the streets is very fine.

And at night time you can view the fort lit up. 

And then explore the city once again in the day time. 


Jodhpur is a city far to the west in Rajasthan, India. It’s a 12-14 hour overnight sleeper bus from Agra or 4.5 hours from Udaipur. We stayed at Anne Guest House, which is at the top of the hill and a good base for exploring the city. 

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