India’s Largest Fort – Chittorgarh Fort

Welcome to the largest fort in India – the Chittorgarh Fort. It spans more than 700 acres on the top of a high hill outside of the city, with numerous temples and impressive buildings to see. When you visit, you’ll feel the power of Rajasthan, and it’s rich history.

We visited around 4pm when the sun was starting to get lower and the desert heat lessened before sunset. Here is the best time as you’ll get the best lighting and won’t be too bothered by the heat. One of our first stops was the Victory Tower.

The Victory Tower, also known as Vijay Stambha, shows the extreme workmanship of the Rajput empires. It’s almost 120 feet tall and every inch is covered in Hindu gods & deities and inscriptions in Sanskrit and Prakrit. It also gives word to Rana Kumbha, the king who ordained the tower to commemorate his victory. Photos, even when fully zoomed in, don’t do it justice.

Also close by is the Shiva Temple, which also has many details inscribed on the walls.

And just beyond the temple is the famous view of the walled lake. 

In this temple complex are tons of these Langur monkeys and it’s the perfect backdrop with the sun setting, the monkeys playing, and the temples. This was stop 2 out of what would be 7, but there are many more that you can see, if you have the time and planning to get to the far sides of the fort complex.

The Tuk-Tuk driving is nice because you just hop on and off to get to the next place.

Here’s a photo to show the scale of things.

Padmini’s palace is a different type of architecture. The white walls and simple courtyards makes it feel royal.

Padmini’s palace is a different type of architecture. The white walls and simple courtyards makes it feel royal.

Inside is a view of Bhimlat Kund – a special water reservoir. Depending on the season, some of the reservoirs will be filled and in the March time when we visited the level was lower.

One other special item is that we were the only foreign tourists here and even in the city. It feels like the heart of India more and more.

While the Tower of Victory is impressive, so is the Tower of Fame. This one is a little more than 70 feet, and smaller than the Tower of Victory. Since we didn’t know about this one beforehand, it was a pleasant surprise.

There’s other temples that you can explore, but we had seen most of the best. So we headed back to the ticket office, where across the street there was a good sunset location.

Traveling Tips for Chittorgarh:

  1.  It should cost around 500-600 for a three hour driving tour around the Fort.
  2. You’ll want to arrange for a Tuk-Tuk driver to take you from around3:30-4pm so that you can see all the temples and see sunset. Make sure the driver knows about sunset before they start leaving/driving back down the hill.
  3. The entrance is 600 rupees per person for foreigners. This is in addition to the Tuk-Tuk driver. You don’t need a separate guide unless you’d like some information.
  4. We stayed at Hotel Chittor Inn, which was basic but had everything that you need for a nice stay.
  5. Your next stay might be Bundi. You can catch the train to there, which is only 2+ hours away.


The city of Chittorgarh is located 2.5 hours away from Udaipur via public bus. It should cost about 90 rupees total for this ride, which is 60 rupees for men and then 30 (half-priced) for women. The bus ride then drops you off directly to this bus station location – so it’s close to the hotels and main city center. We stayed at Hotel Chittor Inn, which was basic, but had everything you need, plus the owner was very nice and accommodating. It’s less than a 10 minute walk from the bus station to the entrance. The owner of Chittor Inn can arrange for a Tuk-Tuk to take you to the fort and and transport around the city once you’re there. After visiting Chittorgarh, it’s recommended to take the train to Bundi – which will get you closer to Jaipur (one of the main triangle cities in India).

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