A City of Lakes – India’s Venice – Udaipur

In the middle of the Rajasthan desert sits the city of Udaipur. It’s a vast oasis that holds many famous lakes and beautiful views. This is a place you’ll want to spend a few days during your India trip.

Different from some of the other Indian cities, this one is filled with Rajasthani artwork murals all along the walls. The famous paintings of elephants and the moguls riding them, tie the modern city back to its old-world history. We did a lot of walking these days.

Just outside the city is a city boat ride that costs 360 rupees per person. It’s 20 minutes long and takes you around the lake for a good view. 

One item we didn’t do but was on the list was visiting the Taj Lake Palace, which sits in the middle of Lake Pichola. You can visit for the day and feel regal at this exclusive palace hotel. We were still backpacking, so maybe next time when we get back. 

There are some bathing in the lake, but only for the true locals.

The boat ride is great for a few hours trip.

Then we made our way back to the city. As you can see, the streets are full of life. Indian roads are way more interesting here.

In the heart of the city is the Jagdish temple. It’s impressive and a good place to see daily prayers and temple-goers.

Because we were in India before Holi, we got a slight glimpse into the celebration. 

Hundreds of men and women dancing around a chariot. You could feel the spirit and happiness, while they danced. 

And again back to the ghat steps to sit and enjoy the lake view with the locals & tourists there.

Nearby in the city are many rooftop restaurants that you can choose from to enjoy a beer or lunch or even a sunset dinner. We took a trip to a sunset point close to where the City Boat Ride tours start from. It’s free to climb and only 10 minutes by Tuk-Tuk.  

Overall, we enjoyed Udaipur and definitely didn’t have enough time to do everything. You can go to a famous dance show at night, or do a cooking class, this night we caught sunset and it was one of the best we had in India, except for the Taj Mahal Sunset. There’s scootering to other nearby lakes and temples and even a fort perched on top of the highest hill (we skipped because of the high entrance and far distance). So as part of your India trip planning, make sure that this is one of the main cities you go to while you’re here. After visiting you can go to Chittorgarh or the Blue City of Jodhpur, which are both close by.

Udaipur Tips:

  1. We stayed at Black Pepper Homestay and it was a great location in the heart of the city. Just a two minute walk from the famous ghat steps shown in the photos above, we were also close to the main temples and City Palace. 
  2. We did a cooking class at Black Pepper and that was a great learning experience to further know Indian cuisine. 
  3. You can use Uber to understand the pricing of Tuk-Tuks.
  4. Climb the hill near the City Boat area for a great sunset point.
  5. Try Besan Gatta, which is the Rajasthan Curry of this region.


Udaipur is the Venice of India, with the city cradled among the vast hills and nearby lakes. It’s 2.5 hours from Chittorgarh, and around 4 and half hours from Jodhpur. You’ll want to spend at least three days here to see enough of the city, if not more.


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